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Magnolia Advocate & Consulting offer a free 30-minute consultation. Education is considered a powerful tool but having a disability and trying to learn may be a struggle. Therefore, each consultation will allow the advocate, parent, and student to discuss any prepared documents (Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Full Individual Evaluation (FIE), Behavioral Intervention Plans, Accommodations, and Modifications), and procedures moving forward. 

Let Magnolia Advocate & Consulting serve as a guide for parents and students throughout the processes to increase success within the classroom.

Meetings Support

Magnolia Advocate & Consulting understands that meetings can be quite frustrating and intimidating for parents and students. So, it is crucial for parents, students, and advocates to prepare and discuss all processes and procedures prior to the scheduled meetings. During the meeting, Magnolia Advocate & Consulting will interpret concerns, ensure needs are met, and will guide the parent and student in the decision-making process to increase success.

****All meetings will be in a virtual format (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype).

Student-Centered Support (Academic and Social)

Magnolia Website and Consulting is available to review prepared documents from school districts, providers, and learning institutions. A list of sample documents is: 

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Full Individual Evaluation (FIE)

  • Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)

  • Provider Letter (Health/Mental Health)

  • Accommodations Letter

Professional Development

Magnolia Advocate and Consulting offers customized trainings for students, parents, educators (K-12 or Higher Education), and administrators to gain an understanding of the:

  • Governing Laws, 

  • Different Types of Disabilities, 

  • Accommodations,

  • Documentation,

  • Transition Planning,

  • Instructional Strategies,

  • Case Management,

  • Cultural Management,

  • Classroom Management,

  • Positive Reinforcement Behavior,

  • Social-emotional learning,

  • Conflict Management and,

  • Time Management.

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