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Committed to Excellence

Magnolia Advocate and Consulting understands the impact that learning differences have on children and adults with disabilities within the classroom. Most importantly, it’s our mission to ensure that everyone regardless of disability has equitable access to education. Therefore, we continuously collaborate with parents, students (children and adults), school districts, higher education institutions, and agencies to enhance educational and personal success. Furthermore, we collaborate with parents, school districts, and higher education institutions to develop attainable and measurable goals, behavioral plans, and accommodations. In addition, your advocate helps you to develop plans that promote continuous growth and success.



My Story

Hello there! Here is a little bit about me.

I have been working with students that have learning differences for over 14 years. Overtime, I have used cultural awareness and social-emotional techniques, and evidence-based practices to teach and accommodate students with learning differences.  My credentials include a Doctor of Education in Administrative Leadership for Teaching and Learning, Master of Arts in Teaching in Social Science: Psychology and Sociology, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Human Resource Management, and a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

I am a member of the Council of Parents Attorney and Advocates (COPAA), and I have completed the Wrights Law Special Education Advocacy Training.


I honestly believe that knowledge can empower one’s ability to make a positive impact academically, socially, personally, and professionally. It's my greatest belief that creating a supportive environment not only allows students to feel a sense of belonging, but it provides opportunities to build confidence and growth.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

~Nelson Mandela

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